Well, it took slightly longer than 30 days to get finished, but below is a list of links – for anyone interested in reading them who wasn’t following Alternate Cover on a day-to-day basis – to my posts about 30 different comics relating to my life and general comics-reading experience – from Superman to Sandman to Phonogram. It was a fun project to take on – if a little draining in terms of the time and effort required to keep it up! – and at times gets fairly confessional as well as revisiting a lot of things I’d forgotten about or not really thought about in a while. Hooray for comics!

1. Your first comic
2. A comic that made you laugh
3. A comic that made you cry
4. A comic that reminds you of a place
5. A comic that reminds you of a person
6. A comic you received as a gift
7. A comic you gave as a gift
8. A comic about your favourite character
9. A comic you bought because of the writer
10. A comic you bought because of the artist
11. A comic you should have bought
12. A comic you’re glad you bought
13. A comic you lost
14. A comic you own, but haven’t read
15. A comic you should have read, but haven’t
16. A comic you’ve read that more people should have
17. A comic you own more than one copy of
18. An issue #1 you bought the month it came out
19. A comic you’ve read but don’t own
20. A comic you love in a genre you hate
21. A comic you’d like to see retold in another medium
22. A comic that’s significant to you as an object
23. A webcomic you love
24. A miniseries you never finished
25. An issue that made you drop an ongoing series
26 & 27. A poorly-regarded comic you like, and a well-regarded comic you don’t
28. A comic that’s inspired you
29. A comic that changed your life
30. The last comic you read

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