I’ve been writing, designing and developing for the web almost since I first had an internet connection and access to Geocities – sometimes completely creating and building sites from scratch, sometimes managing content/editorial, and sometimes both.

I’m the founder of F1 Colours, a successful blog on the subject of racing liveries that has run for over a decade, and I’ve run or co-run a variety of other features sites over that time as well. In my professional capacity as Web Manager for an integrated agency, I’ve also developed, managed and/or overseen a range of sites for major clients.

Cinematic Universe

I’ve developed multiple iterations of the site for our podcast and wider media brand. When we launched Cinematic Universe in 2015, I was dissatisfied with the options available for podcast-specific website themes, so developed a bespoke site that presented the episodes in a way that I felt best suited their form – as well as including specific options for organising the content. In 2017, we expanded the site to include news, features and review content – and so I further developed the theme into a full “magazine” style layout and structure.

Film Stories

In 2018, I was commissioned by Simon Brew to develop a site for his newly-launched podcast, magazine and site. The site follows similar principles to Cinematic Universe in that it houses a podcast series as well as feature content. I developed a fresh version of the CU template on this basis, including some bespoke options and customisations that Simon required.

F1 Colours

Launched back in early 2007, this is my long-running blog on which I review and analyse the liveries, sponsorship and other commercial aspects of Formula One. It has expanded from a simple blog format in its early days, to a full-scale, self-hosted magazine site – and as the first site of its type to cover the subject matter, has attracted a dedicated following and readership among the F1 community.

Unlimited Rice Pudding!

An archive of Doctor Who reviews and features, produced in collaboration with a number of writers. The site is currently dormant, having last published articles relating to the 2015 series of the show. The current layout is a customised version of a pre-existing WordPress theme, with bespoke customisations to present the reviews in a particular way.