CHM02.walletHurrah! This is nice. Finally, my writing-for-magazines career and my writing-about-comics-online hobby collide, as I get to write about comics in an Actual Magazine for the first time. Issue #2 of Comic Heroes, the quarterly comics-related magazine from the SFX stable at Future Publishing is now on the shelves of most WH Smiths (and, presumably, an assortment of other newsagents), and includes a feature by yours truly on licensed comics (i.e. comics based on films, TV shows, games etc.) in which I’ve interviewed writers Tony Lee and Simon Furman, and shoehorned in obligatory discussion of Doctor Who, Sonic the Hedgehog, Death’s Head, and much more, yes?

The mag also features a couple of articles by my good friend and frequent collaborator James Hunt, and lots of other interesting stuff about comics, comics-based movies, and so on. It’s a bit of a hefty eight quid, but it is only a quarterly mag, and if you’re in any way into comics it’s well worth a look. And as someone who first got hooked on PC Gamer back in the early days around 1994, it’s an honour and a privilege to finally write something for Future.

More info here, anyway, if you’re interested.