Yeah, rubbish picture. iPhone camera, stuck up in the seating area. Seating position didn’t hamper enjoyment as much as I’d anticipated, mind. I’m getting old.

My sister and I spent the entire gig hoping they’d play “Carrot Rope”. It’s one of the quintessential videos from the days, around ten years ago, when we’d sit in front of MTV2 during pretty much any period of time that we weren’t in school and our parents weren’t watching the telly. It was always one of our favourites. And it’s their best song, let’s face it. But clearly it holds too many bad memories of being the last track on their last album, the album that they fell out while making and that was seen as unfairly skewed towards Malkmus’ songwriting (as it happens, Terror Twilight is by far my favourite of their records, though I know I’m in a minority there). But still, they did a wonderful “Shady Lane”, and “Cut Your Hair”, and “Summer Babe”, and “Trigger Cut”, and “Gold Soundz”, and “Range Life”, and a lot more in a two-hour set. Little about it felt truly magical, but it was just nice to get to see them, as them, playing those songs.

But in honour of the fact that they didn’t play it:

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