It has to be said that one of the best things about seeing The Get Up Kids – back on these shores for the first time in… ooh, some years for the next halt on their whistlestop reunion tour – is the number of people who look under the age of about 25 in attendance. As in… there aren’t very many. If any. It seems that while this is a band who manage to strike an incredible chord with a particular generation (probably people within about five or six years either side of my own age), who were in just the right place at the right time to catch them… they’ve been completely bypassed by the lot below us. Unlike any number of bands of a similar era that you might name, The Yoof Of Today simply have no idea who The Get Up Kids are, or why they might be relevant. It’s a strange feeling, but it’s one that makes for a great atmosphere and sense of cameraderie at their gigs – they’re special, and they’re ours, and we all know it.

The other best thing about seeing The Get Up Kids, of course, is when they play “Mass Pike”.