Once again, it’s not like I expect anyone else but me cares about this; but once again, it’s useful for my own reference to put together a list of some of the better things I bashed out of keyboards this year.

Obviously the main creative endeavour was A Brief History of Time Travel, the majority of which was written by me and James in the first quarter of this year, before an intensive editing process took up most of our summer prior to an eventual series launch in late September. If for some reason you’re reading my blog and yet this is somehow the first you’re hearing about it, then you might want to head on over to abhott.com and have a listen. And thanks to everyone who’s backed, bought, streamed or mentioned it so far – we know it’s not perfect, and it’s been a bit of a slow-burner just getting it into people’s ears in the first place, but it contains a lot of work that we’re hugely proud of.

Aside from ABHoTT, I continued to turn out my weekly work over at reddwarf.co.uk, and was able to find the time to contribute some enjoyable feature, review and interview material for usual haunts Den of Geek, Film4 and WSC. I was also chuffed to get offered a couple of new assignments. The first involved filling in on BBC America’s brit-centric blog Anglophenia¬†for a couple of fortnightly stretches; while the second was something I’ll talk about in more detail at a later point – but it’s a print-based thing, and it’s basically a regular job writing about superhero comics. So, you know, that’s been nice. But it’s work I’ve been racking up behind the scenes that hasn’t seen publication yet, so when I know it’s actually properly out there, I’ll be able to talk about it more.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, here’s a selection of things I’ve written in 2013 that I’m in at least some way pleased with…

Den of Geek


Anglophenia (BBC America)

Red Dwarf – The Official Website

When Saturday Comes

Unlimited Rice Pudding

Alternate Cover

Games That Rocked My World

If you’ve read and/or liked any of the stuff above, or anything else I might have written but forgot to mention here, then thank you muchly for your support – and happy new year!