I don’t think I need to re-state how excited I was about seeing this one. And it may not be perfect, but it has a damned good try.

… That the film gets away with foregoing any sort of traditional three-act structure is a testament to the assured, exhilarating style that’s long-since become Wright’s trademark. Despite cramming in six fights that would each serve as a commendable climax to many films in their own right, the viewer is swept along on a frantic rush of adrenaline throughout. Pausing for thought would betray that in most cases, the battles come along without anything like the build-up offered by the books – but in the moment, each is an inspired musical-style set-piece with its own inventive and unexpected resolution.

Full review up now at Film4.com. Meanwhile, James and I will be talking about the film – and the final book – in much lengthier, fanboyish and spoiler-filled detail over at Comics Daily at some point this week.

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