Definitely not an audition to write a proper issue of Phonogram in years to come, this was a one-page strip for Matt Sheret’s Phonogram vs the Fans, a tie-in fanzine for Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s critically-acclaimed comics series. The mag was produced for sale at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, and its limited print run has now entirely sold out, so it’ll be a collectors’ item in years to come. Yes.

If you’re not familiar with Phonogram, then clearly you should make yourself familiar with it as soon as possible. But the basic concept is that it’s about “music as a form of magic”, although that can be as literal or metaphorical as you choose to make it. Essentially it’s about the way music, in all its forms, can make you feel. And this is an attempt to express that from a particular perspective.

Oh, and “Panic” refers to the name of the loveably rubbish indie night we used to run at university. Which this strip definitely isn’t at all based on.

Drawn and lettered by Kat Stevens.

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